Shortage of Truck Drivers Leading Employers to Hire EB-3 Workers

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The country’s economy is trending toward a recession as we are observing inflation, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and more. The Great Supply Chain Disruption, as some are calling it, is wreaking havoc on the United States’ ability to bounce back from covid-induced economic turmoil. For a plethora of reasons, ports are backed up and over capacity, causing large delays in the shipment of crucial materials.

The delays have a domino effect, delaying the production of finished goods and leading to shortages of inventory on store shelves, impacting several industries. Due to the global supply chain disruption, many US companies are leaning more toward domestic freight shipping when possible. Additionally, as the world has returned to normal, consumer demand has skyrocketed meaning more and more materials need to be transported around the country.

All of these factors and more have created a high demand for truck drivers as they are a crucial component in the economic development of the country. There is just one problem — there are not enough drivers to fill open jobs. In 2021, the industry suffered a labor deficit of 80,000 truckers presenting a massive challenge to employers. 

Not only has it been difficult for trucking companies to staff, but it is also extremely challenging to retain workers. In fact, the trucking industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any at roughly 95% according to the New York Times. This means that by the end of a year, a company will have essentially replaced its entire workforce.

The constant churn, and labor shortage forces employers to spend significant time and energy focusing on the issue instead of other opportunities for their business. Furthermore, trucking is an industry whose workforce tends to be older and many truckers are nearing retirement which will only amplify the labor shortage. 

Luckily, there is a solution for employers who are struggling to staff their trucking companies. Many other industries are finding great success hiring EB3 visa workers to fill their open roles. These are immigrant workers who can come to the United States by way of an employment-based visa. Popular positions for immigrants with the EB3 category visa include waiters/waitresses, construction, as well as truck drivers.

As noted, the industry is facing a lack of available workers in the US, but hiring EB3 workers unlocks an entirely new labor pool. The legal process can be complicated for employers which is why many try to avoid hiring internationally, but our team of experts has decades of experience executing the entire process in a seamless manner. Fill out our form today to provide us a better sense of the workers you are looking for.

The EB-3 Visa Process Explained

As mentioned, the EB-3 is an employment-based visa and it includes three subcategories:

– Professionals with a bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent

– Skilled workers with at least two years of experience

– Unskilled workers

The trucking industry typically hires within the unskilled worker preference as truck drivers generally do not require a college degree. This visa provides many benefits to those who obtain it including, but not limited to :

– The ability to live and work permanently in the United States

– The ability to bring your spouse and children under 21 years of age to live with you in the US

– The ability to travel freely in and out of the United States

– The ability to eventually apply for US citizenship

In our observed experience, we see that EB3 workers tend to stay with their employers far longer than domestic workers due to the benefits and visa complications that occur if they lose or change jobs. In other words, you are hiring someone who is determined to come to the United States and in many cases is supporting a family.

When hiring EB3 workers, the process typically takes between 12-18 months and costs to the employer are minimal. Although the process is long, it is an investment that will pay off for years. There are three major steps in the process including the Perm labor certification, I-140 petition, and consular processing.

PERM Labor Certification

The first step is to obtain what’s called a PERM labor certification. The US Department of Labor (DOL) requires this document in order for an employer to sponsor an employee for a green card. The main purpose of the PERM labor certification is to ensure that there are no qualified US workers who are willing and able to fill the open position.

I-140 Immigrant Petition

The 1-140 immigrant petition is filed by the employer on behalf of the employee. This document is what starts the green card process and includes information such as the employee’s qualifications, job offer, and PERM labor certification.

Consular Processing

The final step in the process is consular processing which is when the employee applies for their visa at a US consulate or embassy. The employee will need to provide documentation such as the I-140 approval, proof of funds, and medical exam results. After consular processing is complete, the employee will be able to enter the United States and begin working.

If you are interested in hiring EB3 workers for your trucking company, reach out today!

Our team of immigration experts has over two decades of experience with the EB3 visa process and can help your company overcome its staffing challenges. We have a proven track record of matching high quality employees with employers in several industries.

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