EB-3 Green Card Jobs.

We help employers fill positions when they are unable to hire locally.

We help applicants achieve their dream of U.S. permanent residence.

Green Card through the EB-3 program.

Obtain your permanent residence in the U.S. through the EB-3 Green Card Program.

Personal and Professional Support

Our team of immigration professionals and attorneys has over 20 years of experience in helping fulfill their dream of United States Permanent Residence.

Solutions for Employers

The EB-3 program is a great option if you are unable to fill your entry level positions.

EB-3 Green Card Jobs for Foreign National Applicants

The vast majority of jobs require little to no experience or education.

Some common examples of jobs include:

  • Caregivers
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Fast Food Restaurant Jobs
  • Full-Service Restaurant Jobs
  • Construction Jobs


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why Choose us as your partner?

  • Our team provides a personal and professional approach throughout the entire application process.
  • We match you with an employer sponsor who wants to see you succeed.
  • We guide you through the immigration process using our 20+ years of experience.
  • We assist you in acclimating to your new job and community in the U.S.

Solutions For Employers

It’s no secret that hiring unskilled and low-skilled workers has been incredibly challenging and shows little signs of slowing.

Employers have been forced to reduce hours, reduce services, or close locations.

Those with a full workforce enjoy a competitive advantage and a rare opportunity to increase market share simply by being open and available.

Great Option for Entry Level Positions

The EB-3 Program (Unskilled Workers Category) enables unskilled workers (occupations requiring less than two years’ training or experience) to enter the U.S. as Green Card holders with full-time, permanent employment.

What we do

eb3.work is a tech-enabled, turnkey provider of employment-based immigration services to foreign nationals and employers whose solutions help resolve labor shortages in industries across the United States.


what are the steps?

Step 1: Learn about the EB-3 Green Card

Check here to see if you meet the eligibility requirements for the EB-3 Green Card.

Step 2: Apply for one of our current EB-3 job openings

Our EB-3 Job openings change often and fill up quickly.

Step 3: PERM Labor Certification

In this step the prevailing wage request is filed, the local recruitment is conducted and the ETA 9089 PERM petition is filed.

Step 4: I-140 petition for immigrant worker

The I-140 filing with USCIS usually takes about 1 month. We always use premium processing.

Step 5: Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing

This is the last immigration step. We apply for Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residence with USCIS or Consular Processing.

Step 6: Start work at your new job!

Once your green card is approved you can come to the U.S. to start working for your sponsor employer.

what people say about us.

Adriana Contreras


Sandra Ortiz


Harry Martin

general manager


John and the team at eb3.work were with me every step of the way. They answered my questions quickly and clearly and gave me a lot of confidence and support through all of the stages of the process.

This was the best investment I could make in my future. I am so happy to start my new life in America!

We have nothing but good things to say about the employees we have received through John and eb3.work. They are prompt, motivated and a pleasure to have on our team.

In The News

Many employers do not know if they qualify to sponsor and employ EB-3 workers, and so we help determine if they qualify and, if so, how many workers they are eligible to sponsor. Rather than offering a raise or free meals, with little more than a hope and a prayer it will work, we help employers utilize the EB-3 program, which can lead to a stream of qualified, enthusiastic, grateful and motivated employees within 18-24 months.

“It’s devastating and it’s going to take a lot of money and a lot of workers over months and years to get things back to liveable in a lot of places,” said Dorer.

Dorer is also the CEO of EB3.Work and Immigration Office Solutions, he connects immigrants with industries struggling to fill open positions.

USCIS is also seeking ways to address a backlog of roughly 1.5 million work permit applications. House and Senate Democrats have proposed bills to reduce the employment-based backlogs, but there does not seem to be enough Republican support to bring them across the finish line, said John

Dorer, president of Immigration Office Solutions and CEO of eb3.work, a New York-based platform that connects employers with foreign nationals seeking to work legally in the U.S.

“We get a lot of calls from QSRs, quick service restaurants, which are fast food like McDonald’s or other franchises like that and restaurant groups. They’re concerned because, number one, they need to be able to stay open and number one. two, they want to be able to expand and they can only do that if they have enough workers”, John Dorer,

CEO of eb3.work and Immigration Office Solutions.

A similar program exists, the EB-3 permanent worker program, allowing employers to sponsor workers for permanent positions. By providing long-term qualified workers, the EB-3 green card program can help many restaurants overcome the labor shortage long prevalent throughout the industry.

These programs do not get much coverage. Businesses using them get a leg up on competitors, so surely will not advertise the benefits. However, especially in areas of the country experiencing rapid growth and expansion, there are simply not enough employees available to keep up. By connecting with employees abroad, companies can go a long way towards overcoming that employment gap.


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