Headquartered in New York City, eb3.work has positioned itself as the premier solutions provider in tackling the United States’ persistent and growing shortage of unskilled and entry-level labor.

Founded on the principle of streamlining the complexities of the U.S. immigration system, the company serves as a crucial bridge between employers in need of labor and foreign nationals seeking lawful employment in the United States.


eb3.work is committed to delivering efficient, ethical, and effective solutions that address the dual challenges of labor shortages and immigration complexities.

With our team of immigration attorneys and recruiters, and through our proprietary technology and specialized business processes, we simplify the employment pathway for foreign nationals while helping U.S. employers overcome labor scarcity in key industries.

Industry Partnerships

eb3.work collaborates with companies across a wide range of industries such as construction, manufacturing, hospitality, food service, janitorial services, multi-unit restaurant franchise groups, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company offers an intuitive platform that simplifies the application process, tracks progress, and facilitates swift decision-making.


Our staff consists of immigration legal experts, industry specific recruiters, and technology professionals who bring a multi-disciplinary approach to solving labor and immigration challenges.

Geographic Reach

Though headquartered in New York, eb3.work has a nationwide presence, working with employers nationwide and foreign nationals worldwide.

Client Success

By staying focused on helping employers with chronic entry-level labor shortages, eb3.work has successfully facilitated thousands of employment opportunities, allowing our clients to achieve their long-term growth plans.

John E. Dorer, CEO

John E. Dorer is an accomplished Global Mobility Executive with over 23 years of hands-on experience in the field. As the CEO of eb3.work, he leads an expert team of immigration attorneys and recruiters committed to solving the pervasive problem of entry-level labor shortages through employer-sponsored green card programs, particularly the EB-3 visa program.

Drawing upon an extensive background in global mobility, John has developed an unparalleled level of expertise in EB-3 staffing solutions. Under his leadership, eb3.work utilizes proprietary technology and streamlined processes to expedite the EB-3 application and approval procedures. The team delivers efficient, compliant results, making them a trusted partner for employers in a wide range of industries. These include construction, manufacturing, hospitality, quick service restaurants (QSR), janitorial services, multi-unit restaurant franchise groups, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Passionate about solving labor shortage issues, John takes a dual-sided approach to his work. His primary mission is to partner with employers, assisting them in eliminating chronic entry-level labor shortages that hamper productivity and growth. Simultaneously, John is committed to creating meaningful employment opportunities for qualified foreign national workers, thereby contributing to the broader economic and social fabric of the country.

As a respected thought leader in his sector, John is a regular speaker at industry events and has been featured in numerous publications. He shares keen insights on a host of topics from immigration policy and economic data to innovative talent acquisition strategies.

John’s proven record in delivering tangible results for both employers and workers makes him a sought-after expert for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of entry level worker labor shortages and immigration compliance. With a focus on sustainable, long-term solutions, John is at the forefront of shaping the future of global mobility and employment-based permanent residence programs.

Our team operates at the intersection of the recruitment of foreign national employees and the efficient processing of their employment-based green cards through the EB-3 program.

The labor shortage’s impact is felt by many: owners and employees want to keep serving customers and provide great products and services, but simply can’t without enough staff and workers. The result is customer experience suffers. Our solutions address this specific need.

Teresa E. Vazquez, J.D.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and a Juris Doctor Degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law, where I was a member Editor of the SIU Law Journal.  I also received a specialization in International and Immigration Law.

I have extensive experience handling and filing immigration applications for companies and individuals with particular emphasis on Temporary and Permanent Work Visas, Foreign Investor and Family Visas.

I was born in Valparaíso, Chile, and immigrated to the United States in 1996. My native language is Spanish. I have served the immigrant community by organizing and also participating in numerous know-your rights clinics and working with charitable organizations to educate immigrants about college careers and scholarship opportunities.  

As part of the eb3.work program administrative board, I have connected with several employers and helped them become sponsor companies to fill their entry level positions and maintain a full workforce at all times! 

I connect with companies and clients in person, by phone, or via Zoom throughout the United States or anywhere in the world.

David Yurkofsky, Esq., Of Counsel

Mr. Yurkofsky practices immigration law in all fifty (50) states and territories of the USA.

Mr. Yurkofsky has been called upon to advise In House counsel and HR Directors of leading multi-national corporations seeking legal advice in regards to their foreign employees to assure the smooth flow of operations during normal times as well as more challenging circumstances such as the immigration implications of takeovers, litigation, and other complex transactional issues.

Mr. Yurkofsky was admitted to Practice Law in 1988 by the NY State Bar and licensed by the NYS Office of Court Administration and is admitted in both the 1st and 2nd Federal District Courts.

Mr. Yurkofsky has previously served as Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Committee of the New York Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.