Qualifications for EB-3 unskilled worker visa, EB-3 Visa green card jobs, who qualifies for an eb-3 unskilled worker visa

The EB-3 is the third preference employment-based immigrant visa category for foreigners to obtain permanent residency in the US.

There is normally no skill or experience requirement with this visa.

So long as you meet the legal requirements for an immigrant visa and have no ineligibilities under the law, you can qualify.

Some of the highlights of the EB-3 unskilled worker green card category include:

  • Provides permanent residence in the US.
  • The worker with permanent residency can travel freely.
  • For the EB-3 process, the employer is the petitioner and the immigrant is the beneficiary.
  • EB-3 visa holders may apply for dependent visas for their spouse and unmarried children under age 21.

In order to qualify for the EB3 Unskilled Worker Visa, you must have an employer willing, qualified, and ready to petition for your Green Card.

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Green Card (EB-3 Visa) for Unskilled and Low Skilled Workers

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