Truck Drivers in Wilmington, Delaware – EB-3 Green Card – Agreement Request

Truck Drivers in Wilmington, Delaware

  • Location: Wilmington, DE
  • Job Duties: Drive a tractor-trailer combination or a truck with a capacity of at least 26,001 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).
  • Requirements: Must possess a CDL-A or foreign equivalent.
  • Salary: $47,000 / year
  • Recruitment is open from 8/3/22 to 12/2/22.
  • PERM Labor Certification Filing Date: 2/2/2023
  • Green Card Approval Date: 04/2024 to 11/2024
  • Employer: Base Carriers LLC


Fee: $12,500.

Includes all fees including consulting, immigration attorney fees, and USCIS filing fees. Includes Premium Processing for the I-140 filing.

Payment is to be made in 4 installments.

  • The first installment is $3,333 and is due upon signing the job offer letter with the employer.
  • The second installment is $3,333 and is due when the PERM ETA 9089 petition is filed with the DOL.
  • The third installment is $3,333 and is due prior to the I-140 Premium Processing filing with USCIS.
  • The fourth installment is $2,500 and is due prior to the DS-260 or Adjustment of Status filing.

Next Steps:

Please complete the form below to request the Agreement.

We will send you the agreement to sign and return.

When we receive the signed agreement, we will present your resume to the Employer.

If the employer agrees to hire and sponsor you, then we will send you the job offer letter to sign.

After you sign and return the job offer letter, you will make the first payment, and we will start preparing your PERM petition for filing.

Agreement Request - EB-3 Green Card Application - Truck Drivers in Wilmington, Delaware

Please complete and submit this form to request the Agreement for the EB-3 Green Card Application for the Truck Driver position in Wilmington, Delaware.