How to Deal with Labor Shortages: Introducing the EB-3 Visa Program for Your Franchise

The Challenge

It’s 2023 and the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry faces a challenge unlike any other: an unprecedented labor shortage. You’re struggling to grow, maybe even to maintain day-to-day operations. From the front counter to the kitchen, a lack of reliable workers limits your ability to meet demand, eroding both customer experience and your bottom line.

The Stats Don’t Lie:

  • Unfilled job openings at an all-time high
  • More workers retiring than entering the job market
  • Staff turnover reaching unmanageable levels

The Solution: The EB-3 Visa Employer-Sponsored Permanent Residence Program

In this climate, simply increasing wages or offering sign-up bonuses won’t sustain your operations in the long run. What you need is a long-term solution. That’s where the EB-3 Visa Program comes in.

What is the EB-3 Visa Program?

The Employment-Based Third Preference (EB-3) Program is an employer-sponsored permanent residence program that allows you to hire foreign national workers for positions you can’t fill with U.S. workers. This program isn’t just another temporary patch; it’s a foundation upon which you can build a more stable, more reliable workforce.

Why Choose the EB-3 Program?


EB-3 workers are committed to long-term employment, which decreases turnover rates and the constant need for rehiring and retraining.


The EB-3 Program ensures that foreign national workers are specifically suited for the positions you need to fill, meaning they are well-equipped to contribute to your operations from day one.


While there’s an investment in sponsorship and legal processes, the long-term benefits—lower turnover, higher productivity, reduced rehiring costs—yield an impressive return on investment.


The program is designed to be adaptable to a variety of industries and roles, particularly helping those businesses struggling with chronic entry-level worker shortages.

How Does it Work?

  1. Identify Needs: Assess your labor needs to determine the roles you can’t fill domestically.
  2. Submit Immigration Applications: Our Immigration Attorney Team prepares and files the PERM, I-140, and Adjustment of Status petitions on your behalf.
  3. Recruitment: Upon approval, you can start the recruitment process, selecting from a wide talent pool of foreign nationals.
  4. Onboarding: Once candidates are selected, they undergo a rigorous screening process and can then be integrated into your workforce.

Get Started Today!

The labor landscape is shifting, and the traditional methods for staffing your franchise are becoming increasingly unreliable. Don’t let this labor shortage stop you from achieving the growth and profitability you’ve worked so hard to attain. Opt for a robust, long-term solution: The EB-3 Visa Program.

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