How Taco Bell Franchisees are solving their chronic labor shortages

Taco Bell Owner/Operator Team Member Worker Shortages

Many Taco Bell franchisees across the United States are struggling with a staffing crisis that makes it challenging to fully operate their restaurants.

As a member of the International Franchise Association, we see firsthand how Taco Bell Franchisees are having difficulty hiring enough Team Members.

Without sufficient Team Member staff, franchisees have been forced to reduce operating hours, turn away sales, or rely on temporary contract workers.

The EB-3 employment-based immigrant visa program offers a solution for Taco Bell franchisees seeking to fill open Team Member positions.

The EB-3 visa provides a path to permanent US residency for foreign nationals working in “other” unskilled labour jobs that require less than 2 years of training or experience.

By leveraging the EB-3 program, Taco Bell franchisees could hire pre-vetted workers from abroad to work as Team Members in their understaffed restaurants for years to come.

This would provide franchisees consistency, allow them to return to normal operating hours, and ultimately drive more sales and profits for the franchise.

Taco Bell Franchisees and Staffing Shortages

The fast food industry has been hit especially hard by labor shortages ever since the COVID-19 pandemic first led to shutdowns and mass furloughs.

Now, with the economy recovered, restaurants are struggling to re-staff—especially for critical frontline Team Member roles.

Many Team Members have left for higher-paying jobs in other industries.

These persistent Team Member staff shortages have had a tangible impact on Taco Bell franchisees and their restaurants.

Most franchises are operating with only 70-80% (or less) of the staff they need, leading many owners to reduce operating hours. This directly translates to lost sales and profits.

Franchisees are also struggling to keep up with demand during peak hours, as evidenced by slow drive-thru times and reduced speed-of-service for dine-in customers. Addressing the staffing crisis is imperative for Taco Bell owners.

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The EB-3 program allows Taco Bell franchisees to legally sponsor foreign nationals for openings they struggle to fill with US-based workers.

Steps for Taco Bell Franchisees Interested in EB-3 Visa Hires

Taco Bell franchisees struggling with Team Member staff shortages may want to consider leveraging the EB-3 visa program.

The EB-3 program allows Taco Bell franchisees to legally sponsor foreign nationals for openings they are unable to fill with US-based workers.

Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Determine Qualifying Positions

Franchisees first analyze their staffing needs and identify which specific Team Member roles have been hardest to fill.

Consulting with our team of recruiters and immigration attorneys at can also help confirm which positions qualify for the EB-3 Visa.

  1. Recruitment of Foreign National Workers and EB-3 Visa processing

Our immigration attorney team at will help franchisees perform all of the steps required for the EB-3 Visa process.

Our recruiter team will prequalify qualified foreign national workers and present them for a group Zoom interview with the Franchisee.

The Franchisee will select the qualified foreign national workers after the interview and issue offer letters.

  1. Onboard new employees as they arrive with their legal employment authorization

While the EB-3 process has multiple steps and timelines, it gives franchisees a way to fully staff Team Member positions on a long term, permanent basis.

Taco Bell franchisees across the U.S. are facing a crisis situation when it comes to staffing critical Team Member positions in their restaurants.

Despite a recovered economy, the fast food industry is still reeling from labour shortages caused by the pandemic and other macro trends.

For Taco Bell owners, the inability to adequately staff frontline team member roles has led to reduced hours, lost sales, and falling franchise profitability.

Leveraging employment-based visas like the EB-3 program provides a lifeline.

By tapping foreign workers to fill open Team Member jobs, franchisees could return struggling locations to full operational capacity.

The multi-year green card sponsorship process imposes burdens, but the outcome is the ability to legally hire talented, dedicated employees from abroad for some of the most difficult-to-fill roles.

With the EB-3 program, a full staff and maximized profits could once again be within reach.

All Taco Bell franchisees battling staffing woes should strongly consider pursuing EB-3 visa hires.

Consulting our experienced immigration attorney and recruiter team at is the right first step to navigating the program successfully.

Investing now in an EB-3 hiring strategy can pay huge dividends down the road for understaffed franchises.


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