How long does it take to get the EB-3 Visa / Green Card?

Step 1 – PERM Labor Certification

The PERM is the process used by employers to test the US labor market to ensure that there are no qualified US workers available to fill the position.

This stage takes approx. 12 months.

Step 2 – The I-140 Petition

The employer will need to file an I-140 with the USCIS on your behalf. The I-140 petition must include evidence that you meet all of the requirements for the position.

This stage normally takes approx. 1 month. We almost always use Premium Processing.

Step 3 – Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing

Once your I-140 has been approved, you will be able to file for adjustment of status (if you are already in the United States) or consular processing (if you are outside of the United States). After filing, you will attend an interview at a US consulate or embassy. Once approved, you will be issued a Green Card.

This stage takes approx. 6 months.