We help employers solve unskilled labor shortages.

Many employers are struggling to find applicants for their unskilled and low-skilled positions.

Industries like food production, janitorial, nursing homes, hospitality, packing, and warehousing have been hit hard.

Rather than closing locations or shutting down altogether, many employers have looked for innovative and non-traditional solutions to staff their businesses.

One option that many employers have found offers a competitive advantage in pursuing the sponsorship of prospective immigrants who are willing to fill their openings with the help of an EB-3 unskilled visa.

As a US-based employer, it can be difficult to find eligible candidates who are willing to perform such tasks as food production, hospitality, janitorial work, or warehouse labor.

This is where the EB-3 green card can help. There are hardworking foreign nationals who are willing to perform the jobs you need to be done.

At eb3.work we connect motivated foreign nationals in search of employment with you so that you can sponsor qualified individuals who will fill your open positions.

If you are an employer and are interested in learning more about filling your unskilled positions with hardworking individuals, please schedule a 15 minute zoom meeting here.

What is the EB-3 Visa?

The EB-3 Visa is an often underutilized visa. 

The applicant worker must have a valid job offer from an employer to sponsor their application and be able to work in unskilled labor positions. 

The US government classifies unskilled labor positions as those that require less than two years of training and are not of a seasonal nature.

The EB-3 ‘Other Workers’ Visa is a great opportunity for you to gain permanent residence to the United States and may be obtained by adjusting your status or through consular processing from your home country. 

If applicable, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 are eligible too!

Check out our list of current open EB-3 jobs.


Step 1:

First, our team works with employers to ensure that jobs made available through our system qualify for the EB-3 unskilled worker program. Because this is a long process, it is important that we are working with employers for positions that will meet the governmental requirements of unskilled workers and are able to prove their chronic labor shortage.


Step 2:

Once the employer recruitment process is complete and they have proven their chronic labor shortage, our account executives will work with foreign nationals who have registered through our system to accurately and responsibly guide them through the process of choosing the right employment opportunity.


Step 3:

The next part of the process for successfully obtaining the legal right to work in the US through the EB-3 process is by working with an outside legal team who will ensure that all legal concerns have been addressed. Because we are not attorneys, we have chosen only the best in outside counsel to make sure that our clients are represented well.


Step 4:

After a client has obtained sponsorship and is in transition to their new life in America, the experts on our Client Services team will assist the newcomers in the practical aspects of moving to a new country or settling in. We will work with individuals to ensure that they have housing arranged, have obtained a social security card, identification through the local DMV and generally are adapting well to the logistics of their new environment.

EB-3 Visa Jobs

eb3 visa cleaning jobs
Cleaning jobs, such as housekeeping, office cleaning, and janitors.
Landscaping jobs, such as landscape laborer, groundskeeper, irrigation tech.
Meat and poultry processing jobs such as cutters, trimmers, and packers.
eb-3 worker cleaning
Restaurant jobs, such as host/hostess, server, waiter/waitress, busser, runner, and food preparation.

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