Employers – Benefits of the EB-3 Visa program

What is the EB-3 Visa Program?

The EB-3 Visa Program is for employers who have year-round operations and anticipate a shortage of qualified U.S. workers for permanent, nonseasonal, full-time positions.

Many employers are facing a chronic shortage of unskilled workers.

In many cases, it is forcing the closing of locations and/or the reduction of hours.

This program allows U.S. employers to file employment-based green cards for prospective employees.

The EB-3 program was established with the Immigration and Nationalization Act of 1990.

These employment-based visas are permanent, and they are designed to assist U.S. businesses to recruit and retain permanent foreign national workers.

The EB-3 Visa provides your employee with permanent resident status which is good for 10 years and is renewable.

All EB-3 visas include the option for the applicants to bring his or her spouse and dependent children under 21.

How long does it take?

The first workers will take 18-24 months to arrive.

Subsequent workers will take 11-15 months to arrive.

As our client, our team will work with you to ensure that you always have a steady, predictable flow of employees, allowing you to maintain and grow your business.

How much does it cost?

The employer’s financial obligation is to pay for the PERM advertising fee.

Advertising Fee:

The regulations require that the position be advertised to U.S. Workers.

The advertising fee ranges from $400 to $1,200. This is a flat fee per job profile regardless of how many workers you are requesting for that position.


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