The pandemic has led to several cultural changes in the United States.

After two years in lockdown, Americans have been looking for changes of scenery, new job opportunities, and fresh starts.

This has sparked an influx of movement to booming states including Texas.

Overall, the United States rental market in general has been on fire with the average one-bedroom rent increasing by 25% in the past year.

Texans specifically have seen the heightened housing demand lead to increases in rent prices across major cities such as Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

Bloomberg cites that rent in Austin has more than doubled in the past year with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment totaling $3,257 a month.

As demand for housing skyrockets rockets across the state, so has the need for improved infrastructure, creating an additional demand for EB3 unskilled laborers.

EB3 Restaurant Jobs in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio

Austin has become an especially popular destination for young people ranking as the second best city in the country for young professionals.

This provides those in the restaurant industry a great opportunity to capitalize on a demographic that enjoys going out and enjoying bars, great food, and night life.

However, cities like Austin, Houston and San Antonio have had difficulty filling restaurant jobs. The National Restaurant Association noted that almost 80% of business say they don’t have adequate staff to accommodate consumer demand.

Austin specifically has become one of the most desired cities in the United States. It was the fastest growing city in the US pre-pandemic and that trend is continuing with projections estimating the city will eclipse over 3 million people by 2030.

To alleviate these shortages, restaurants are trying to incentivise workers with higher wages and better benefits making it a desirable landing spot for EB3 unskilled workers looking for jobs in the restaurant industry.

What is an EB3 Visa and How can it Help me Find a Restaurant or Construction Job in Texas?

The EB3 visa is a employment-based visa that allows foreign workers to obtain permanent residency in the United States.

This specific type of visa is perfect for those looking for positions in the restaurant or construction industry as it does not require a college degree.

The EB3 visa is available to foreign workers with at least two years of experience or training, making it an attainable option for many people looking for work in the United States.

Additionally, those who earn an EB3 job are given permanent US residency with the ability to bring their families to the US and become American citizens.

If you are interested in finding and EB3 Restaurant or Construction job in Texas, fill out our application to begin the EB3 visa process.

We have a team of dedicated EB3 Visa experts ready to help guide you on your journey to permanent residency in Texas.

Timeline to Finding an EB3 Restaurant or Construction Job in Texas

The EB3 Visa / Green Card process in general costs between $10-15k and takes about 18 months to complete from start to finish.

We have over 20 years of experience executing this process and ensuring our applicants are matched in their desired city with their desired role. Fill out our short contact form if you have further questions.

The process includes three major steps including:

PERM Labor Certification Application

The PERM labor certification application is the first step in the EB-three visa process. It is filed by the employer on behalf of the foreign national worker and can take four to six months to be processed by the Department of Labor (DOL).

I-140 USCIS Filing

Once the PERM labor certification application is approved, the employer can file an I-140 USCIS petition on behalf of the foreign national worker. The I-140 stage usually takes around two to four months to be processed by USCIS.

I-485 Adjustment of Status Application:

The I-485 application is filed with USCIS after the I-140 petition is approved. It can take USCIS up to six months to adjudicate the I-485 application.

Begin the EB3 Visa / Green

If you are interested in learning more about the process, contact our team or apply now to start your journey to an EB3 job in Texas.

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Green Card (EB-3 Visa) for Unskilled and Low Skilled Workers

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