The demand for workers in North Carolina is high, especially for jobs in the restaurant and construction industries. If you are looking for a way to get a visa and work in the United States, these are two great options to consider.

The restaurant industry is always growing, and there is a constant need for workers.

The same is true for the construction industry; with so much new development happening in North Carolina, there is an urgent need for workers.

Apply for an EB3 construction job in North Carolina today and begin your journey toward a Green Card.

The EB3 Visa is an employment-based permanent residence green card that allows foreign nationals to come to the United States and work in a specific occupation.

There are three different categories of occupations that qualify for an EB-3 visa:

– Professional workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, or its equivalent

– Skilled workers with at least two years of experience or training

– Unskilled workers who are able to perform unskilled labor that requires less than two years of training or experience

If you have the skills and qualifications for one of these occupations, then you may be eligible for an EB3 visa.

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EB3 Construction Jobs in North Carolina

A suburban housing boom and a red hot renters market have created a need for construction across the country. North Carolina specifically has seen dramatic increases in new housing throughout Raleigh and Charlotte suburbs according to Axios.

Brunswick and Wake County have each seen substantial growth with noticeable increases in new housing units. Cheap land and favorable business policies are making North Carolina a desirable location for development.

This trend is likely to continue as new residents move to the state. In fact, North Carolina ranked as the 11th fastest growing state in 2021 as many Americans looked for fresh starts after the pandemic lockdowns.

The economic boom, and influx of new residents have created a need for construction workers in areas like Raleigh, Charleston, and across the state in general.

If you are an immigrant looking to obtain permanent residency in the United States, consider applying for one of the several open EB3 construction jobs in North Carolina.

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EB3 Restaurant Jobs in North Carolina

Like many states across the nation, North Carolina is struggling to fill open positions across several industries. The restaurant industry has been particularly impacted as many businesses are facing staffing shortages.

In fact, food preparation and serving related occupations were the number one sectors for open positions.

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Green Card (EB-3 Visa) for Unskilled and Low Skilled Workers

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